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• 1. The max. speed is up to 1500RPM, which is one of the highest speed models in the global quilting industry.
• 2. Increased 12% of weight compared with the similar type of products in the market: 6.5 tons to keep more stable and less vibration performance when running at high speed.
• 3. 4 Servo systems: X, Y, Z shafts & the press plate
• 4. 35mm main shaft; 40mm beam shaft; the needle bar and press plate shafts are enlarged about 16.7% and 12.5% than those of the common model.
• 5. Japanese NSK brand's main shaft bearings, HIWIN brand's linear guides.
• 6. The press plate is controlled by high digital adjustment.
• 7. Quilting data can be integrated into the factory's MES system.
• 8. Remote control system: diagnoses problems and makes adjustments instantly.
• 9. Built-in maintenance tips: life span of wearing parts and oiling frequency.


Technical Details

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