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ARM-DZ1Pro Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine


Exclusive innovation: Add 2 overlocking sewing heads on each side of the cutting box.
Equip with DURKOPP sewing head to increase speed and working stability, the maxium speed is up to 3000гр.
• 360 degree Tack-and-Jump quilting, 100 trillion stitches memory, up to 10,000 patterns storage.
• Outsize rotary shuttle, random-span quilting, and non-contacting thread breakage detecting technology. quilting repairing by simply clicking on the touch screen.
• Equipped with functions such as output counting, total output counting, pattern effect display, processing locus display, thread auto-cutting, needle auto-stop when thread-breakage, etc.
• Online vector angle correction and return parameter correction.
• Low noise, low vibration ‚stable performance.
• Professional pattern-designing software, scanner-input patterns with BMP format, CAD method pattern designing can be randomly amended and copied.
• Auto cloth-feeding, pulling and cutting.


Technical Details

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