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Hemming Machine

Hemming station can create a convenient and accurate flanging process which can shorten the whole process of mattress panel production.


Hemming station finish 2 processes: Flanging and cross cutting.
It's output can replace 3-4 flaning machines; 3-4 labors and 1 cutting machine.
Optimize time and cost for every mattress production line.


Add sealing edge function, non shuttle working, out put fabric with over lock four sides.

Presser foot can be adjusted according to material thickness.

Using touch screen operation interface, simple and convenient operation.

The system has many functions, such as output counting, quilting size setting and needle spacing setting.

Adopt infrared ray fixed length function, cutting precision is high.

Exclusive innovation: Adding sealing edge function, non shuttle working.

No flanging machine and extra labors: quilted fabric with 4 sides locked.


Technical Details

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